Ruf Records proudly announces the release of 2019 Grammy-nominated keyboard player/songwriter/singer VICTOR WAINWRIGHT AND THE TRAIN’s MEMPHIS LOUD, on APRIL 24, 2020. Featuring 12 songs, all written/co-written by Wainwright, MEMPHIS LOUD was co-produced by Victor Wainwright and Dave Gross and recorded at Music+Arts Studio in Memphis, TN. Joining Wainwright (vocals, piano, Hammond B3, electric piano) in the studio are THE TRAIN: Billy Dean (drums, percussion, vocals), Terrence Grayson (bass, vocals), Pat Harrington (guitar, vocals), Mark Earley (baritone sax, tenor sax & clarinet), Doug Woolverton (trumpet & flugelhorn) and Dave Gross (guitar, vocals, percussion).  Special guests on Memphis Loud include former ‘Train’ Greg Gumpel (guitar/vocals),  Reba Russell & Gracie Curran (vocals), Monster Mike Welch (guitar).

As a GRAMMY-nominated kingpin of American roots music, ( + 7 Time Blues Music Award winner – including Band of the Year  & B.B. King Entertainer and 2020 BMA nominee for Piano Player Of The Year), Victor Wainwright’s 2020 release is a snapshot of America’s great cities and genres, embodying a connection between exciting unseen places with a modern twist. As the title suggests, MEMPHIS LOUD‘s rattle-and-shout originals demand to be played at speaker-shaking volume. “Find a moment,” he advises, “to sit back with your favorite headphones or speakers, turn it up, and listen. It’s heavy, and I know you’re gonna love it.”
Stick a pin in the post-millennium roots scene and you’ll find Wainwright at the heart of the action, breaking the rules. Since perking up ears with his 2005 release, Piana’ From Savannah, the now Memphis-based Savannah, Georgia native has been a vital force in the American roots scene, lost count of his industry awards, and elbowed aside the pop pretenders to scale the dizzying heights of the Billboard Top 10. He’s an ageless, genre-defying presence, busting at the seams with original music that darts between Americana, Jam, Soul, Funk, Blues, Jazz and even Psyche- delia. As he says; “Everyone’s welcome aboard the train.”
Wainwright’s latest locomotive only further stokes his creative fire. Whether in the studio or on the stage, Memphis Loud follows The Train’s self-titled studio debut’s 2019 GRAMMY Nomination with joyous, ears-wide-open music. The exchange of energy is breathtaking. “Our fans are like locomotive firemen,” says the bandleader, “frantically shoveling coal into the furnace. They fuel us as we pull handles, twist knobs and screech around bends. With flying sparks and a wicked whistle, we’re arriving right on time with Memphis Loud.”
Opening with a cinematic ripple from Wainwright’s fabled fingers on piano, “Mississippi” grows into an irresistible storied melody, pounding with an immense wall of sound that picks you up and lifts you higher and higher, rightfully setting the tone for the rest of the album… this is going to be a big party! “Walk The Walk” offers a fun, very catchy brass-driven hook that firmly implants itself and never lets go. With the album being tracked live, the chemistry and vocal ad-libs remain on the recording, immersing the listener as part of live recording experience. “Sometimes we had upwards near ten musicians in the studio,” he recalls, including fresh faces and old friends. “We’re a big family, with many boxcars to this long train now. Everyone has built up emotional steam in their lives too, and as conductor, all I have to do is utilize that steam to power the Train forward.”

The title track, “Memphis Loud” skillfully combines Wainwright’s piano-driven rhythmic fire with the story of a benevolent music-locamo- tive. Featured artistically on the album’s cover, this unique train proudly offers an exciting journey, escape and redemption to all who board it. With echoes of New Orleans piano, horns, and haunting chamber vocals, just when you feel like you can’t catch your breath, Sing conjures a cinematic sense of looming, while celebrating the catharsis of music. “By the song’s end,” explains Wainwright, “the listener is surrounded by a hundred singing voices in emotional toil, but relieving that pain by singing, and letting it all out.”

Every track of Memphis Loud is given beautiful attention to detail, commanding respect musically and lyrically; “Disappear”, a sincerely stunning song about sudden loss, with heart wrenching vocals and a very intentional, heavy ending. “Creek Don’t Rise” picks you back up off the floor, with its sun-kissed guitars, uplifting piano and story of a couple reigniting their spark while “getting away”. “Golden Rule” preaches the age ol’ familiar parable with a new twist, funky rhythm, clav and wurlitzer. The wistful “America” beautifully presents an emotional state of the nation, with powerful vocals and lyrics “Left or right, a path we must choose. We shouldn’t wager, more than we can lose.” “South End Of A North Bound Mule” with it’s chickenwire riffs, sweetening its hard-luck lyric with humor. “Recovery”, with it’s classic Americana feel, relatable subject matter and ripping sax solo. “My Dog Riley”, a love letter to Wainwright’s four-legged companion (“I never ever had a friend so fine,” goes the lyric, even if the hound is often caught “drinkin’ out of the toilet, and pickin’ through the trash”). The gorgeous slow-burn “Reconcile”, its momentum building and boiling over an epic emotional journey – and closing an album that holds whatever you’re searching for within its boxcars and grooves. “Everyone’s invited and allowed on this train,” says Wainwright. “My Grandfather taught me that no brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him. So I’m chuggin’ forward, making sure we give everyone the opportunity to travel, and as we traverse the beautiful winding path of all that roots music has to offer, we arrive fully at the same destination, happily, and all together!”

All aboard! Renowned for twisting roots music into bold new shapes, Wainwright’s recording sessions in Memphis, flanked by co-producer Dave Gross and a wishlist of special guests, has birthed a modern classic. “I like to produce and write with immense musical curiosity,” he says, “leaving no roots stone unturned, but pushing the art-form forward. I carry with me the lessons from my grandfather, who taught me piano, and countless hours studying the roots of blues, genuine rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, boogie-woogie and honky-tonk, all the while honestly developing that into something modern, fun, unique, emotional and powerful.”
Tour Dates
FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2020 Funky Biscuit, Boca Raton, FL
SATURDAY, MARCH 28 Buckingham’s, Ft. Myers, FL
SUNDAY, MARCH 29 Cafe 11, St. Augustine, FL
WEDS., APRIL 1 Englewoods, Englewood, FL
THURS. & FRI., APR 2 & 3 Bank Blues, Daytona Beach, FL
SATURDAY, APRIL 4 Springing The Blues, Jackson Beach, FL
SUNDAY, APRIL 5 Tybee Post, Savannah, GA
FRIDAY, APRIL 10 Curacao Blues Festival, Williamsted, Curacao
SATURDAY, APRIL 18 Under The Beams, New Harmony IN
THURSDAY, APRIL 23 Tralf, Buffalo, NY
FRI. & SAT., APRIL 24 & 25 9 Wallis, Beverly, MA
SATURDAY, MAY 9 Miami Valley Casino, Lebanon, OH
FRIDAY, JUNE 5 Mauch Chunk Opera House, Jim Thorpe, PA
SATURDAY, JUNE 6 St. Georges Blues Fest, St. Georges, DE

Philip Sayce has released “Give Me Time,” the third single off his upcoming album, Spirit Rising, available April 24. It’s a take on the Magic Sam track.

“The first time I heard this song by Magic Sam – a solo acoustic version – it resonated with me immediately,” Sayce tells Blues Rock Review. “A sweet soul love song by one of my favorite musicians. Get in the pocket and turn it up!”

New Wave of Classic Rock favorites Bad Touch are pleased to announce the release of their new studio album “Kiss The Sky” released by Marshall Records on Friday 19th June 2020. To celebrate, the band release their new single “Strut” on Friday 13th March. The same day will also see the new album available for pre-order.  The new album will be released on CDwhite vinyl and digital download.

 Strut” will be available to purchase digitally from Friday 13th March. The single will also be available as an instant grat track with all pre-orders of the new album. “Kiss The Sky” will be supported by a nationwide 12-date UK headline tour that kicks off at The Waterfront in Norwich on March 30th. All UK tour dates will feature Piston as main special guest, plus local supports.

 Bad Touch’s highly anticipated fourth studio album “Kiss The Sky” was recorded, produced and mixed by Nick Brine at the legendary Rockfield Studios in Monmouth, Wales. The album was mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London.

 “We’re so excited about this recording,” says lead singer Stevie Westwood. “Just to record our songs in such a legendary place as Rockfield was a real buzz. I know it’s a cliché but, in our humble opinion, this is our most exciting recording to date, and we can’t wait to get it out there in front of a crowd.

 “Kiss The Sky” is a no-nonsense rock and roll album at heart. For their fourth album, Bad Touch have stripped everything right back and looked at what the essence of what makes a great album and at the core, great songs. They’ve stuck to what they do best, which is writing catchy, feel good rock music.

The songs were initially written in their practice studio “The Cabin” in Norfolk where the band feels most comfortable and can focus on the songs without outside world interference. The band have really nailed their sound on this album. When you turn it on you will instantly know it’s Bad Touch.

 The production side of the album is about capturing the performance within the band themselves and capturing the “moment” and energy the band produce during their live shows. More plugging straight in, turning everything to 10 and going for it.

 “Kiss the Sky” is a power-packed album that has the groove with huge chorus hooks, foot stomping guitar riffs and an abundance of energy overflowing within each track. If you want to see what all the fuss is about catch Bad Touch on tour throughout March and April 2020.

Today, Joe Bonamassa announces full-length instrumental album Easy To Buy, Hard To Sell as he debuts his brand new project, The Sleep Eazys. The first single, “Bond (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service),” a nod to the 1969 classic action film, is now available on all streaming services. As producer, the blues-rock titan enlisted some of his frequent collaborators, along with his all-star touring band, to play on the album, which is set for release on April 10 via Provogue/J&R Adventures.

The album takes a slight departure from Bonamassa’s revered repertoire, with the intent of honoring Danny Gatton, one of his most influential mentors, as well as covering instrumental versions of some of his favorites from Frank Sinatra, Danny Gatton, Tony Joe White, King Curtis and more. Bonamassa shares his excitement on the project, “To be honest I have always wanted to do a record like this. But, to be even more honest I’m not sure I was ready both professionally and musically, until now. The time finally felt right to finally pay tribute to a mentor, a friend and one of the greatest guitarists of all time: the late great Danny Gatton. My time hanging out and jamming with Danny as a child shaped my playing and musical pathway more than just about anyone.”

Largely comprised of Joe’s touring band, the Sleep Eazys includes Late Night with David Letterman’s Anton Fig (percussion), Musician’s Hall of Famer Michael Rhodes (bass), Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Reese Wynans (keyboards), Lee Thornburg (trumpet), Paulie Cerra (saxophone), along with Jade MacRae and Juanita Tippins on background vocals, and of course, Bonamassa on guitar. Accompanying the stellar and tight-knit cast are Jimmy Hall on harmonica and esteemed multi-instrumentalist John Jorgenson. Fans of Bonamassa will enjoy the larger-than-life sound of the star-studded collective that is The Sleep Eazys, providing an array of sounds in everything from jazz to bluegrass, funk, rockabilly and more! With the caliber and expertise of musicians on this album, it is sure to catch fire and grab the attention of music lovers and critics worldwide.

This album follows Bonamassa’s other successful collaborative albums, including the adventurous side projects Black Country CommunionRock Candy Funk Party and Beth Hart. Collectively, Bonamassa has over 40 albums to date and recently finished recording his next solo studio album at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. His latest album, LIVE AT SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE marked his 22nd #1 album on the Billboard Blues ChartSweet ReleaseReese Wynans‘ debut solo album was also Bonamassa’s first venture as a record producer, a role he thoroughly enjoys and plans to revisit in several upcoming albums.


1. Fun House
2. Move
3. Ace Of Spades
4. Ha So
5. Hawaiian Eye
6. Bond (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service)
7. Polk Salad Annie
8. Blue Nocturne
9. It Was A Very Good Year

The blues has become one of the most popular styles of music in the world. This is partly because of its easily recognizable elements, like a strong bassline and a tendency for musicians to improvise.  There are a few types of instruments that are strongly associated with this genre, such as the piano and trumpet. However, cello also has a long history with the blues, allowing a strong baseline to be introduced. Let’s look at some of the techniques that you can use to master the blues on the cello.

Multiple Ways To Play

One of the best parts about playing the blues on the cello is how versatile the instrument is. First, you might opt to pluck the instruments. This will give you more control over the way that the notes are played. This has been the preferred method of musicians like Oscar Pettiford.  You might also want to play using a bow.  This can let you play multiple strings at the same time. As you grow more confident, you can start to use more advanced techniques. For example, you might want to use the string to add chops for rhythm. Alternatively, you might want to try backward bowing. The method that you prefer might depend on the type of blues that you are interested in. As you grow more proficient in the cello, you can learn both techniques, this will give you a greater range of songs that you can play.

Feel Free To Improvise

One of the most important parts of playing the blues is being able to improvise. This will allow you to put your own unique spin on the song. It’s also a fun way to interact with the other musicians. When improvising, you might want to consider having a simple pattern that you repeat a few times, like a chorus in a song. This will give you something to work off, it will also make it easier for the audience to connect with your songs. At first, you might want to use some pre-existing patterns. But, as you grow more confident, you will be able to create your own. You will also get more confident interacting with the other musicians, often following the lead of the singer.

Simple Blues Cords

One of the benefits of playing the blues is how easy it is for beginners to learn. For example, you will be able to play a lot of great songs by using three cords. These are G, C, and D. It also features a 12-bar progression. This means that you will be using three cords, the one, four, and five cord. Because of this, it will be easier for you to learn. In addition, most blues songs are written in 4/4 time. This simply means that you will have four beats per measure.

Practice Makes Perfect

The blues is a great genre, allowing you to form a strong emotional connection with the audience. It will also very easy for you to pick up the basics. However, for you to master the instrument, it will take a little more effort. But, if you are willing to practice consistently, you will be able to start to improve your skills.

Get The Best Instrument

Finally, you want to find the best possible instrument. Having a high-quality cello will make it easier for you to learn, and master the blues. With so many possible instruments to choose from finding the best one will be difficult. Thankfully, this informative cello brands review will make this process easy. So, try learning the blues on the cello today and see how much fun this genre can be.

King King has released a lyric video for its new single, “I Will Not Fall.” The band features three new members joining frontman Alan Nimmo since its last studio album, Exile and Grace.

“I reached a stage where I felt that I wanted to regain control of my life, career and future,” says Alan Nimmo. “I made a number of changes within the band and people surrounding the band. That was a lot of changes at one time. It was a daunting feeling, but they were important decisions that had to be made.” Nimmo adds, “When you listen to “I Will Not Fall”, you know it’s King King.”

The band is set to tour the UK in April with Hannah Wicklund and the Steppin Stones.

Cardiff Y Plas Friday 3 April
Salisbury City Hall Saturday 4 April
Bexhill De La Warr Pavilion Sunday 5 April
Bury St Edmunds The Apex Arts Centre Monday 6 April
Sheffield Leadmill Wednesday 8 April
Glasgow Old Fruitmarket Friday 10 April
Manchester Academy Saturday 11 April
York Grand Opera House Sunday 12 April
Birmingham Town Hall Tuesday 14 April
Newcastle Boiler Shop Wednesday 15 April
London Electric Ballroom Friday 17 April

The Kris Barras Band has released a music video for “What A Way To Go.” The track is featured on Barras’ latest album, Light It Up, which was voted #15 on Blues Rock Review’s top 20 albums of 2019.

“This was the very first song that I wrote for the Light It Up album and it has always been one of my faves,” says Barras. “I wanted to have a bit of fun with the video. The original plan was to have a good mate of mine play the main character. He would’ve been perfect as he has an amazing mullet! However, he had an accident and broke his collar bone a few days before we were due to start filming. So I made a quick pit stop at a fancy dress shop and we went to work! It was great fun to do something that we hadn’t done before with our videos. We had a lot of fun making it!”