With people around the world staying at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, Beth Hart has released a music video for “No Place Like Home” featuring fan submitted videos from all over the globe.

“When I saw the video I cried, as I recognized so many of you,” said Hart. “You guys looked so sweet, loving, and happy and it just blew my mind. I think I cried for two hours after. Thanks you forever guys, I love you so much. There really is no place like home.”

“Music is something that let us express our emotions and touches the souls”

This statement can be very well understood by the people who are fond of playing or listening to music and able to connect with it.

The growing interest of people towards learning to play music has increased the demand for musical instruments as well.

Today, this article contains amazing information for such kind of music lovers who have a keen interest in playing pianos.

This article provides you the review as well as the difference between two wonderful pianos that you can buy so that after reading this article you’ll be sure of which one to buy.

Alesis Recital

The Alesis Recital is a digital piano that offers 88 full-sized semi-weighted keys. There are five realistic built-in voices that the Alesis Recital features that consist of an acoustic piano, synth, bass, organ and electric piano. It provides you with additional reverb and chorus to tailor your sound.

You would have a great playing experience as it gives powerful 20-watt built-in speakers, not only this but a 128-note maximum note polyphony. This all helps to deliver ultra-realistic sound.

Piano Nadu has written an excellent review on Alesis Recital which covers all the features and performance of the piano.

You can play the keyboard wherever you wish to through the power adaptor or 6D cell battery. You can even connect stereo RCA outputs to a mixer recorder or any other sound system. It weighs 15.65 pounds.

Alesis Recital Pro

The Alesis Recital Pro is a digital piano that offers 88 full-sized hammer-action keys. It fulfills your exact needs with adjustable touch response. It offers adjustable reverb, modulation and chorus to tailor your sound. It delivers the premium sound and gives you great playing experience.

This gives twelve built-in realistic voices. It provides an adjustable metronome and record mode. Thus, it helps the student and teacher to play together while watching each other.

This pro model gives USB-MIDI connectivity. You can connect the recital pro to your mac or pc with this MIDI output. You can play it anywhere with a facility of 6D cell batteries. It consists of 20-watt speakers and 128-note maximum polyphony for good playing experience.





Alesis Recital Alesis Recital Pro


  The keyboard of Alesis Recital consists of 88 keys that can be adjusted according to the style of every user. The keys of this piano are semi-weighted.


  Similar to Alesis Recital, the keyboard of Alesis Pro also consists of 88 keys and can be adjusted according to the convenience of the user. But unlike Alesis Recital, it has hammer action keys.



Number of Voices


This digital piano consists of five voices with certain educational features that are crafted expertly and let the user play keys very fast.



This piano is loaded with twelve different voices with the addition of educational features.



Record Mode   There is no record available in this model. It only has a lesson mode that enables the student and teacher to play together.



The feature of record mode in this piano enables the users to record their playing and allows them to listen to it again.





  The built-in FX includes Reverb and Chorus in this model.


  The built-in FX includes Reverb, Chorus and Modulation in this pro model.



Both the above-mentioned pianos are unique in their way. Both of them have some wonderful features that will surely help you to attain expertise in playing the piano.

The tabular representation of the difference between both the models will help you to choose the one according to your requirements so that you would not end up buying any model against your interest.

Linda Ritter

Hannah Wicklund has announced a new four song EP titled The Inbetween, which will be available digitally and on vinyl April 17th. The album was recorded and produced by her brother, Luke Mitchell, of the High Divers. The album was recorded in their parents’ home in South Carolina. The Inbetween features stripped down versions of “Bomb Through The Breeze,” “Ghost,” “Meet You Again,” and “Shadowboxes and Porcelain Faces.”

“Piano was my first instrument, but I pretty much stopped playing when I picked up the guitar and traded in classical music for rock n roll,” says Wicklund. “Those classical roots are undeniable, however, as I get older, I appreciate them more and more.”

King King has firmly planted itself as one of the best blues rock bands in the world. The band has a revamped lineup and is working on a new studio album due out later this year and recently released a new single titled “I Won’t Fall.” Blues Rock Review caught up with frontman Alan Nimmo to get the details on the upcoming album, how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the band, and more.

How has the new lineup affected the songwriting process for King King?

The change in line-up has been a wonderful success. The contribution from the lads in terms of omg writing and arrangement has been exciting and very fresh. The writing partnership between myself and Jonny Dyke (keyboards) has been a real pleasant surprise and we’ve managed to find a great working formula which has taken things to a new level.

What was the inspiration behind the first single “I Will Not Fall”?

I think the inspiration for our latest single “I Will Not Fall” came from simply being in the music business for a long time and realising that despite my love for what I do and my passion, there are and always will be people who will try and keep you down and take from you what isn’t theirs! You just have to stay strong and true to your convictions and trust in yourself to take whatever is thrown at you and use it as a means to make you stronger!

The new album is due out in 2020. Is there a specific timeline yet in terms of when the album will be released?

We are hoping for an early autumn release around the end of September but as you know with the global crisis that’s going on at the moment with Covid 19 then that could be disrupted so we’ll just have to carry on preparing for it and the rest is out of our hands.

You started up your own record label. What went into that decision?

Well…similar to what I was talking about before… I wanted to stay in control of my own destiny and have the people around me that I trust and have always trusted to have the best interests of King King at heart and help me and the group move forward in a positive direction. It’s a very difficult industry to survive in as a creative person and to be brutally honest… it’s myself, my band members and my dedicated team that I want to benefit from our hard work!

This has been an extremely difficult time for everyone in the world right now. While we don’t have touring right now, how much of a comfort has music been to you?

Well this is a horrendous time for everyone in the world and it’s something that none of us have ever been through but I can see from looking at social media and things like that that people are more and more often turning to music to bring them some relief from the stress and worry. Music Is a great comfort to me and lots of others… that’s plain to see! Imagine a world without music?? That would be a sad world!

Alan Nimmo performs on stage with King King. (Photo: Jon Theobald)

Several musicians have done Facebook live concerts without the ability to have live concerts. Do you have any plans for any sort of live content?

Yes of course! I’ve been practicing a few different songs on my acoustic guitar to film from home and put out there for people to look at and listen to. I think it’s a great idea that lots of bands and artists are doing this for their fans. Once we’re allowed to be in the same room together again we do plan on doing a live stream but unfortunately, it’s become very difficult to do that and the studio that we planned to do the stream from (Morsecode Studios in Glasgow) is closed at the moment but… as soon as we can we’ll get right to it! Our fans are absolutely fantastic and we love and appreciate them so much! I’ve had so many messages from so many of them wishing us well and asking if there’s anything they can do to help us!!! You’ve no idea what that means to me! Words aren’t enough to describe how grateful we are for that!

Has the current situation in the world provided any fuel in terms of creativity for new music?

Of course it has.. if you’re any kind of creative person then a situation like this is always going to provide the inspiration to write about it! Watch this space!!!

Interview by Pete Francis


Bexhill De La Warr Pavilion
Friday 16 October 2020

York Grand Opera House
Wednesday 3 February 2021

Manchester Academy
Friday 5 February 2021

Sheffield Leadmill
Saturday 6 February 2021

Cardiff Y Plas
Sunday 7 February 2021

Birmingham Town Hall
Tuesday 9 February 2021

London Electric Ballroom
Saturday 13 February 2021

Salisbury City Hall
Sunday 14 February 2021

Bury St Edmunds The Apex Arts Centre
Tuesday 16 February 2021

Newcastle Boiler Shop
Wednesday 17 February 2021

Glasgow Old Fruitmarket
Thursday 18 February 2021

Every year, the blues rock music scene and the guitar world brings us some great albums to enjoy daily.  2020 has already shown great potential and now we need music more than ever. We might be quarantined inside, but music is still here as the Wink Bingo promo code 2020 offers exclusive bonuses to new customers.

Prove It On Me – Rory Block

Released only days before the end of March, Prove It On Me is the second blues album in Rory Block’s new series – Power Women of Blues. The album celebrates songs from nine ground-breaking female artists in blues, including an original by her. This recording was done by Stony Plain Records and released on 27th March 2020.

Rory’s new album was produced by Rob Davis and Rory Block, presenting her unique take on songs from incredible female songwriters and performers. That includes phenomenal artists like Madlyn Davis, Memphis Minnie, Rosetta Howard, and Arizona Dranes, to name a few.

High Risk, Low Reward – Ryan Perry

Like all blues-rock greats, Ryan Perry is not afraid to tear it apart and start anew. For over a decade, the Mississippi bandleader has created a solid reputation in the phenomenal Homemade Jamz Band, until he decided to pursue a solo career.

In this recording, Perry’s guitar prowess, together with his creative and varied solos drives and adorns the songs, starting with the first title, “Ain’t Afraid to Eat Alone.” There’s also an extended instrumental passage that goes from the album’s first minute to the end, together with a relaxed rhythm set between guitar flourishes.

Rebel Moon Blues – Sass Jordan

Sass Jordan is among the best blues-rock singers of all time, having sold over a million albums worldwide. Throughout her 40 year career, she has constantly touched upon Blues, though this is her first album concentrating solely on this music tradition. According to Jordan, blues has always been a major part of her life, given that she grew up with it.

Stand Up – Whitney Shay

Released on 21st February this year, Stand Up is not only the album title but an order that forces anyone hearing Whitney Shay’s voice to jump on the dance floor. The San Diego phenomenal performer has made a name for drinking, dreaming, and dancing in her soundtracks by adding the punches and peaks of life. According to Shay, her high-energy soulful R&B music makes people feel something deep inside and want to dance.

Heavens to Betsy – Jeremiah Johnson

On this record, Jeremiah Johnson delivered his mission statement with a record that soundtracked the most important moments of his life. According to Jeremiah, he wanted Heavens To Betsy to be something people can listen to while celebrating life with friends. The album was released on 14th February, featuring 12 songs like “White Lightning,” “Tornado,” and “Ecstasy.”

Anna Martyushev

Christone “Kingfish” Ingram has released a music video for “Hard Times” (Shelter-At-Home mix). The video was recorded at home and mixes in fan-submitted photos and videos.

“Thanks for all the great photos and videos that you’ve shared. I truly appreciate it,” Kingfish posted to his social media pages. “I want to share with you a raw, special video that I pulled together in light of current times. I hope everyone is staying safe & healthy. I also hope you share my confidence that together we all will get through these HARD TIMES.”

Anthony Gomes has announced a new acoustic album titled Containment Blues. The album follows 2018’s Peace, Love, and Loud Guitars, which was voted Blues Rock Review’s #1 album of that year.

“We are living in stressful times and music is the best way to bring people together and give them some comfort,” says Gomes about the album. “It was wild to record with just one mic and no overdubs.  I had to move the guitar closer to the mic in certain points and back it off in others.  The same with my vocals.  I definitely have a new appreciation for the pioneers of the recording age.”

Gomes has released a music video for the title track.

Mike Zito has released a music video for “Don’t Let The World Get You Down.”

“I had been playing with these 3 chords and this title for a month leading up to this life changing event. I knew I liked the simple melody and meaning behind the saying. Little did I know the world would literally change in the next 30 days. When I got home and began my quarantine, this is the first song I wrote and it wrote itself in minutes. I am so proud my son Zach stepped in and created a music video that shares the emotion of this song. I truly hope people will hear the song and follow the advice I have been giving myself Don’t let the world get you down,” said Zito about the track.